FairSelect is the ideal solution for property owners.

If you’re managing the letting or selling a property, using FairSelect assures renters or prospective buyers of a fair shortlisting & selection process, and buyers can bid on properties with absolute transparency guaranteed.
We will also support with setting relevant requirements, train you on how to receive online applications, provide a solution that will select applicants via lottery or First Come, First Serve basis, set-up applicant SMS and email verifications, manage applications, track application history and changes, two-way communication to and from the applicant and, as part of our core principles of Fairness, Transparency and Integrity, ensure you are following Data retention policy and GDPR Compliance.

If you are looking for a fair, affordable and transparent solution to manage your applications, then you need FairSelect.

Optimise Your Property Management

Elevate your property management experience with FairSelect. Our platform offers a fair, transparent, and efficient process for property owners, enhancing the letting and selling journey