Our Story​


Bynaric developed the FairSelect application in response to Cost Rental, the new Government affordable rental scheme for lower-income people.

Our Cost Rental application, FairSelect, has been used by the top three AHBs in Ireland successfully since 2021.

Our application ensures fairness to the applicants and ease of use for the scheme providers. FairSelect provides a robust lottery engine, a centrally managed dashboard, and audits allowing the Housing Agency to maintain compliance.

FairSelect provides our clients with fairest and most independent application handling and onboarding solution.

Fairness, Transparency and Integrity are the core elements of what makes FairSelect work.

Why we created FairSelect?

We in Bynaric believe in Fairness. We want to see a world where everyone gets a fair chance. If you qualify to apply for something, be it housing, childcare, healthcare, education, or any other sector that uses a selection process, then we want to see each individual have the same chance of getting that service as the next person.


We believe in Transparency. If you’re on a list, we think you have the right to know where you are on that list. If you move up the list, we think you should know that. If for any reason you move down the list, we think you should know that too. 

And we believe in Integrity. If a person is applying for housing, childcare, healthcare, or education, they place a tremendous amount of trust in that application process. These are deeply important services that applicants are looking for, either for themselves or their families. A lot of personal information is processed as part of these applications. We put everything into ensuring that people can trust this process, that they can trust their information is secure, and that they can trust their application is treated the same way as anyone else.

Bynaric, as solution providers, are extremely proud of our ethical and responsible approach to developing software that helps people. We are very conscious of the stress involved in applying for vital services. That’s what FairSelect is all about. Reducing the stress and effort involved in applying for something, making it more transparent and improving the qualification, application and selection experience.

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